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AF-50 System

AD 50



The thermally insulated roofings system is designed on the basis of the MORAD AF50 post-and-beam facade. The system allows for constructing winter gardens with various wall shapes and roof surface area. Owing to the solutions improving the thermal insulation of the AD50 winter gardens they can be used throughout the year. The system’s advantage is the possibility to construct a roof supported by the eaves horizontal beam via an external gutter. The external gutter enables to slope the roof in a range between 5-45° from the horizontal angle. The eaves beam supports the external gutter so as to facilitate the rainwater drainage. The vertical walls of winter gardens can be filled with any MORAD windows & doors system. Both rafters and the eaves beam can be strengthened by standard aluminum or steel profiles that will add space to the winter garden. Filling the roof with the chambered polycarbonate or glazing is possible. The scope of the roof glazing is between 16 to 56 mm. The EPDM seals and diaphragms complement the system and make it water and wind resistant. In turn, the PVC and expanded polystyrene insulators ensure the proper thermal insulation.

The system will be available after 1st Sep 2018.

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