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Aluminum facades: perfection according to MORAD

Aluminum facades are commonly used structures in construction. They are often used because of their advantages, such as durability, ease of installation and functionality. Aluminum facades proposed by MORAD not only protect buildings against the negative effects of weather conditions, but also allow the use of various architectural solutions. It's worth learning more about them.

Protection, insulation, aesthetics and economy

Aluminum facades protect buildings against the harmful effects of various weather conditions - rain, wind, snow and solar radiation. They constitute not only a thermal barrier, but also an acoustic barrier, protecting people staying in buildings against excessive noise coming from outside.

Aluminum facades are aesthetic and visually attractive - they give buildings an individual character. Additionally, by appropriately designing facades, you can expect savings in energy consumption necessary to heat or cool the building.

MORAD aluminum facades

MORAD's offer includes several types of aluminum facades. They were created on the basis of the AF-50 facade system, and each type of aluminum facades has its own characteristic features.

  1. The AF-50 aluminum facade system is a standard system that is perfect when there is a need to build both a typical curtain wall and a wall with large glazing.
  2. The AF-50 PS aluminum facade system allows you to build a structure that looks like a uniform sheet of glass.
  3. The AF-50 HI aluminum facade system, compared to the AF-50 system, has been enriched with an additional insulator made of foamed polyethylene. In this way, a high thermal insulation coefficient was achieved.
  4. The AF-50 EI60 aluminum facade system is used to create fire-resistant systems.

In addition, MORAD aluminum fronts are compatible with our other products. This allows you to combine various elements of the structure in a pleasant way.

To sum up, MORAD aluminum facades are an excellent choice and will work great in various types of construction. Good examples include shopping and business centers, public buildings and residential buildings.

Additional information about MORAD aluminum facades can be found on our website: ALUMINUM FACADES. We also invite you to contact us by phone: +48 58 694 91 12.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us. During the conversation, we will present and discuss the details of cooperation.

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