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Professional powder coating on a vertical and horizontal paint shop

The automatic powder coating plant is the next step in the process of constant development of the company, both in terms of investments in modern production technologies and the expansion of infrastructure and own machinery park.

The introduced technology is an extension of the methods of coating aluminum elements known on the market with the process of automatic coating thickness measurement . The use of an additional solution allows to reduce the demand for raw material and reduces the risk of paint defects. The finished product is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and high degree of hydrophobicity , thanks to the innovative technology of coating with powder paints with an enriching additive .

Automatic SAT vertical line

VERTICAL VARNISHING BY SAT - dedicated to powder coating of vertically suspended profiles, ultra-modern in every detail. It consists of two separate spray booths equipped with 20 guns each. The cabins support aluminum profiles with dimensions of 200x100x7200mm and a weight of 50 kg - with a constant, repeatable speed of over 600 profiles per hour. Before coating, each profile is degreased, acid etched in fluoride solution and titanium passivation .

  • equipped with two powder coating booths
  • painting aluminum profiles with maximum dimensions of 200x100x7200mm
  • maximum workpiece weight 50kg
  • average performance about 650 profiles per hour
  • constant monitoring of the thickness of the applied paint before polymerization
  • titanium passivation enhancing paint adhesion and profile anti-corrosion

AABO IDEAL automatic horizontal line

HORIZONTAL PAINTING by AABO IDEAL consists of one booth equipped with 10 automatic guns . Their work can be additionally supported by the use of three additional handguns located in front of and behind the cabin. It is a classic line, but it has one major advantage: it allows the coating of details made of three different types of metals : aluminum, steel and galvanized steel with dimensions 3000x500x2000mm . These details are transported on a conveyor moving at a speed of 1.5 m / s. Before coating, every detail is degreased, etched and subjected to zirconium passivation .

  • equipped with one booth operating in the automatic machine and 3 manual guns for the application of powder paint
  • possibility of painting details with maximum dimensions of 3000x500x2000mm
  • universal application - coating of aluminum, steel and galvanized steel elements
  • maximum performance of 576 parts per hour
  • surface preparation

Modern painting lines

The heart of both systems is the modern PXS kitchen by WAGNER, which integrates the control tasks of the entire coating process. Despite its compact size, the device offers extensive functionalities characteristic of modern powder feeding solutions, such as high precision of feeding, closed powder circuit, measurement and archiving of paint consumption data, ultrasonic sieve, weight sensor and an easy-to-use touch screen that provides insight into all important system data. Thanks to the ability to quickly change color, the kitchen provides a large capacity of the system. You can choose from a wide range of colors in the full range of the RAL palette.

Quality above all else

The vertical line in addition to the standard accessories was equipped with a system for monitoring the thickness of the coating before polymerization. The appropriate bath composition and high final quality of the coating are ensured by a modern chemical laboratory.

MORAD Powder Coating Paint Shop

vertical and horizontal painting line
vertical and horizontal painting line
vertical and horizontal painting line
vertical and horizontal painting line
vertical and horizontal painting line
vertical and horizontal painting line
vertical and horizontal painting line
vertical and horizontal painting line
vertical and horizontal painting line
vertical and horizontal painting line
Lakiernia EU Project

As part of the project, Morad implemented an innovative technology for varnishing aluminum profiles, and thus started the production of innovative products in the field of aluminum joinery varnished with paint with an enriching additive. The new products are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and a high degree of hydrophobicity.

A wide range of products for your company!

Aluminum, glass, fireproof, solar control and other systems ...

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