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Electric Linear Drives

Electric Linear Drives

Drives used in combination with fanlight openers - simple, and economic solution for a simultaneous opening of many scissors. Fanlight openers may work with electric drives E212 and E205. These drives are particularly suitable for moving many heavy sashes. Compact dimensions allow to suit the drive mechanism to the look of facade.

Product properties:

  • In combination with OL100 fanlight opener used for smoke extraction and ventilation.
  • Simple installation; left, right, horizontal, vertical, with the use of hidden screws.
  • Adjusted end switch and circuit breaker.
  • Adjusted leap size, control with the use of power central control E260 N.
  • Drives can be used for windows with blinds.

Necessary equipment (elements of the system):

  • Drive
  • Fastening elements
  • Steering elements

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