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Aluminium Facades

Morad aluminium facades – modern aesthetics in a practical and professional design

Morad aluminium facades combine an excellent visual effect with functionality at the highest level. Products offered by our company provide perfect protection against weather conditions and enable the use of innovative architectural solutions. Our aluminium fronts are compatible with other Morad products, so it is possible to easily connect individual structural elements to form a larger whole. Our facades are a perfect solution for the construction of shopping and business centres, residential buildings and public buildings, such as banks, schools, and sports centres.

Characteristics of Morad aluminium facades

Our range includes several types of aluminium facades based on the standard AF-50 facade system. Each variant of aluminium facades differs in its functions and features. The standard AF-50 facade system is used in various structures, in the construction of a typical curtain wall as well as in the reconstruction of a glazed wall. By using the AF-50PS variant, you can build a structure that looks like a single glass pane, the AF-50 EI60 system is utilised to make fireproof systems, while AF-50 HI comes with an additional heat insulator – foamed polyethylene.

Thanks to a wide range of products and their continuous improvement, we are able to follow new trends in construction and architecture. Our aluminium facades are characterised by high-quality workmanship and rigid design. Morad products guarantee state-of-the-art technology achieved thanks to professionalism, practical solutions and rigid designs. To fully enjoy the advantages of aluminium fronts, try combining them with compatible aluminium window and door systems or aluminium fireproof systems.

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