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Revolving Doors Systems GEZE

GEZE Steering Elements

GEZE steering elements operate and protect all GEZE products according to international standards. It is possible to obtain a complex equipment for any individual solution. Presence detectors: allow to recognize people and objects with the use of infrared. Set of GEZE products contains safety bars for protection of hinged and revolving doors, light curtains, and light barriers for protecting automatic sliding doors and active infrared detectors for protection of automatic sliding doors and operating and protection of automatic doors. Two-function detectors: designed for operating and protecting automatic doors.

Switches of operating modes: designed for choosing operating mode of automatic doors. Steering buttons: designed for opening and closing automatic doors. Remote control: remote system control over doors and windows with the use of buttons – reliable, comfort and safe solution. Safety buttons: safety GEZE buttons/switches for cutting-off power supply or emergency opening of automatic doors. Smoke switches: switches and GEZE smoke center for smoke detection and operation of devices locking the position of fire doors and smoke resistant doors. Other steering elements: GEZE equipment for special solutions operating safety automatic doors.

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