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Aluminum Fireproof Systems

Building safety standards and restrictive fire regulations in force in European countries force protection of public utility facilities against possible fire . The requirement imposed on contractors, investors and users of buildings requires that appropriate evacuation conditions are ensured. Therefore, buildings (especially those with a large surface) should be equipped with appropriate fire-resistant systems, which - thanks to their design - do not easily yield to high temperatures and flames. These systems are classified according to how long they withstand the damaging effects of fire and smoke, and how long they remain sealed. Thanks to this, the structures provide the possibility of a quick and safe exit from the zone covered by or at risk of fire. Aluminum structures are currently the most frequently used fireproof systems by contractors and investors.

Aluminum fire-resistant systems in the Morad offer

Morad, a company specializing in the production and distribution of aluminum systems and glass offers its customers fireproof structures made of aluminum with the best fire parameters and properties. We only offer products of the highest quality, durability and usability. The systems can be successfully placed inside and outside buildings. Our fire protection systems have all the necessary certificates of compliance with PN . Aluminum fireproof structures available in Morad's offer differ in terms of fire resistance and smoke tightness parameters. Due to the technologically advanced construction, they are distinguished by high resistance to external factors and a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Thanks to the unique properties of aluminum - its low weight, high strength and corrosion resistance, the fireproof systems offered offer many possibilities in terms of design and execution of non-standard projects construction and provide excellent visual parameters.

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