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Fittings for Doors and Walls

Fittings for Glass Doors

We offer high-quality aluminium fittings for glass doors and other glass elements. Morad aluminium fittings are high-quality easy-to-install products. Aluminium is an aesthetic and durable material. It is characterised by strength similar to that of steel. Thanks to this, aluminium fittings for glass doors and elements ensure strong fastening and stability of the entire structure. Aluminium fittings are not vulnerable to deformation and have high resistance to mechanical factors. Aluminium fittings are an elegant finish of walls, doors, cabins and showcases. Fittings made of this material have a timeless look and match any interior design.

We encourage you to check our range of fittings for glass doors and walls. In our online catalogue you will find the recommended selection of aluminium fastening elements suitable for the dimensions and nature of a given glass structure. We also offer fittings for shower cabins.

Fittings for Doors and Walls
Fittings for Glass
Fittings for glass doors
Aluminium Fittings for Doors and Walls

Fittings for Doors and Walls

Aluminium glazing strips and other necessary accessories for internal partition walls made of tempered glass available with finish of matt stainless steel or silver anode.

A wide selection of aluminium and steel fastening elements

Morad offers a wide selection of fittings for tempered glass. The fastening elements for glass doors and walls are made of high-quality aluminium and stainless steel. Thanks to this the structure is durable and its life cycle is longer. Depending on your preferences, fittings for glass are available in matt and polished versions. Our range includes plates with a pin for hinges, hinges, clamps connecting individual panels of door profiles, angle connectors, corner locks (with patented inserts), handles for locks, strike plates for locks, patented inserts, floor door closers, door handles. We also offer aluminium rails for tempered glass partition walls with fasteners (gaskets, strips and caps). A wide range of Morad fitting systems for doors and walls allows you to choose the right accessories for all types of glass structures.

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