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Retractable Arm Drives

Retractable Arm Drives

K600 arm actuator is designed for emergency opening of doors and windows, and for everyday room ventilation. It is especially useful in situation where it is necessary to obtain a wide opening angle. In the version with free pushing arm, the K600 actuator works with GEZE closer, thus creating a perfect solution for escape routes and vent openings. Arm actuator for emergency opening of doors and windows, and room ventilation.

Product properties:

  • In combination with fanlight opener OL100 used for smoke extraction and ventilation.
  • Simple installation; left, right, horizontal, vertical, with the use of hidden screws.
  • Adjusted end switch and circuit breaker.
  • Adjusted leap size, control with the use of power central control E260 N.
  • Drives can be used for windows with blinds.

Necessary equipment (elements of the system):

  • Drive
  • Fastening elements
  • Steering elements

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