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Louvre Walls, Roofs and Sunblinds

Sun shades and sunblinds

Sun shades and sunblinds protect buildings against various weather conditions, such as sun, wind, rainfall or snowfall. Sun protection louvre facades are shutter wall systems installed either internally or externally. Their purpose is not only protection from sun, but also acoustic and decorative functions. Louvre facades reduce noise in buildings and improve their aesthetic properties.

We offer high-quality systems of louvre walls and sunblinds. Extruded profiles of aluminium blinds effectively reduce light and successfully enhance the appearance of buildings. The Morad range of products includes Solis, Sonar and Eliptic louvre wall systems in various models. We encourage you to check our offer and specifications of sun protection systems.

Louvre facades – models of sunblinds and sun shades

The products of Morad are tailored to different buildings and their needs. With a wide range of models of louvre walls and sun shades, you can choose the right system for installation. The Solis system is a structure of aluminium walls that form a cover inside or outside the building. Sonar systems are an innovative louvre facade solution. Thanks to the mineral wool filling, the system is characterised by high acoustics. Sonar structures are often installed around air conditioning systems to effectively suppress noise emitted by machines. Elliptical facades is an innovative system of sun shades that prevent buildings from heating up. Sun shades and sunblinds perfectly reduce the sun rays entering the room, giving you a sense of comfort. The blinds can be fixed or movable (freely adjustable).

Morad louvre facades come in a variety of colours. Sun shades and sunblinds can be additionally covered with an anodised coating for an anti-corrosive and insulating effect. The coating is also used for additional aesthetic quality. Louvre facades are also available in a raw version.

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