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Slimdrive System


Slimdrive System

GEZE offers a series of door drives in ‘7cm optics’, reliable and certified according to DIN 18650. Very low height of the drive’s bar makes it practically invisible against the façade...

Linear sliding doors – standard and designed for emergency routes, for single leaf doors and two leaves doors, recommended especially for doors performing a large number of work cycles.
Type: Slimedrive SL/SL-FR

Linear sliding doors – anti-burglar drive for sliding doors with building height of only 7 cm checked according to class 2.
Type: Slimedrive SL/SL-FR WK2

Linear sliding doors Break Out – doors with the function of breaking out (sliding leaves and side wall can be broken out) designed for emergency routes of high safety requirements – e.g. for hotels or hospitals.
Type: Slimedrive SL-BO

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