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Sonar MD Acoustic System

Sonar MD Acoustic System

Morad Sonar system of soundproofing facade blinds is used to reduce the noise of air conditioning, or any other stationary mechanical devices, as well as to reduce the noise on multi-story car parks. The blinds can be installed indoors and outdoors. Soundproofing Morad Sonar blinds are made of extruded aluminum. Inside there is hard mineral wood 50 mm thick. Soundproofing Sonar walls are installed on steel frames fixed e.g. to building’s ceiling around air conditioners. Blinds can also be installed to aluminum frames or wooden constructions.

Attention! Profiles are available in RAL colors and raw. On clients demand we offer profiles with anodized coating.

Test of acoustic insulation RW=12dB (Test Report CTO No RS- 2 0 1 2 /B- 0 8 5)


Fins spacing: 153 mm
Depth: 160 mm
Max. handles spacing: 2500 mm for 800 Pa, 3000 mm for 600 Pa


Fins spacing: 250 mm
Depth: 160 mm
Max. handles spacing: 2400 mm for 800 Pa, 2700 mm for 600 Pa
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