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AC-77HI System

AC 77 hi isolated
AC 77 HI Insulated System
AC 77 HI Insulated System render 2
AC 77 HI Insulated System render 3
AC 77 HI Insulated System 3 small

AC-77HI System


The system is intended for external enclosures requiring particularly high thermal insulation parameters. It is possible to make windows and shop displays as well as sliding, folding and automatic doors, or bent structures. High thermal insulation of profiles is ensured by their increased depth, which is 85 mm for window sashes and 77 mm for other sections, a multi-chamber structure of thermal breaks for greater profile stiffness and a multi-chamber design of two-component EPDM gaskets. Profiles are pressed from the EN AW-6060 alloy according to PN-EN 573-3:2009. Dimension and shape tolerances are in accordance with PN-EN 12020-2:2001.

Rectangular connections of sections are done by trimming the profiles at 45˚ and inserting two corners into the profile chambers, which can be pinned or crimped. Transverse connections are made with aluminium connectors, which should be pinned. A characteristic feature of the system is its close connection with other Morad window and door systems, such as AC-62, AZ-45 and AF-50. This constructional assumption has made it possible to obtain and apply many compatible elements in these systems, such as common glazing beads, corners, sealing strips, glazing and cover gaskets, common fittings and accessories. One of the effects of unification is the almost identical external and internal appearance of finished products.

Flush window sashes in Morad systems

To meet the expectations of architects and investors, we have designed new window sashes, in which the clip is flush with the sash surface. The new design of the window sash profile is suitable for fillings that are up to 58mm thick. This means that glass panes with a lower thermal conductivity coefficient can be used for better thermal insulation coefficients of the entire window. Clip flushed with the sash also makes it easier to install internal roller shutters.

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