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Aluminium window and door systems

Morad offers aluminium window and door systems. Just like steel systems, aluminium products are extremely strong and durable. When properly filled, their insulation properties are as high as in PVC systems. The Morad range of products includes outdoor and indoor aluminium systems. Aluminium systems are easy and quick to install, so your business can gain measurable savings on labour-intensive production.

Morad is a manufacturer of insulated and non-insulated aluminium window and door systems. Insulated aluminium systems guarantee high thermal and acoustic parameters. Depending on the design, the systems can be used inside and outside buildings.

Non-insulated aluminium systems

We offer various models of aluminium systems to our clients. The AZ-45 system was designed to build internal structures that do not require thermal insulation. It is ideal for installing partition walls, shop displays and showcases. Another non-insulated aluminium system is the clamp hinge version of AZ-45, in which the doors are attached on special clamp hinges. Morad also offers aluminium structures for folding doors, which are based on AZ-45 window and door profiles. Folding solutions are utilised primarily in service and catering establishments.

Insulated aluminium systems

The Morad range of products includes a wide selection of non-insulated aluminium systems designed for indoor and outdoor structures. One of them is the AZ-45 system in a smoke-tight version for indoor use. The AC-62 aluminium system is recommended for various types of external doors – swing, folding or automatic, as well as windows opened inward or outward. The AC-77HI system is dedicated to outdoor projects that require particularly high insulation parameters. A unique window and door line is the AC-Proindustrial system, whose appearance is inspired by the aesthetics of historic steel windows while maintaining the required thermal parameters.

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