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Information for the manufacturer:

AF-50PS is a semi-structural mullion and beam wall system from Morad. Thanks to the use of special pressures, the constructed structure looks like a uniform sheet of glass from the outside, divided by a structure of vertical and horizontal lines 20 mm wide. The system is intended for the design and construction of lightweight curtain walls, roofs and skylights. The profiles and accessories used are compatible with other Morad systems, so you can easily and easily combine facade structures with window and door structures. The system is based on profiles and accessories used in the AF-50 system, supplemented with additional accessories. The main difference is the need to use specially glued glass with a recessed frame, the so-called "steppe". This catalog is a supplement to the catalog for the AF-50 system, in which you can find all cross-sections of sections, accessories and structure cross-sections. It is possible to use fillings ranging from 28 to 43 mm thick.

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