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Information for the manufacturer:

Technical Specifications:

slat spacing: 119 mm
Visual cross-section: 72%
Active area: 61%
Max. substructure spacing: 
2000mm for 600Pa
Barbell length: 6m

Construction and finishing

– Z-shaped slats

Available colours
  • Full RAL palette
  • Raw version
  • Anode

Information for the manufacturer:

Drawings for the architect:

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Cost Optimization and Efficiency in Lamella Walls

Morad ML-119 lamella wall system is one of the advanced solutions offered by MORAD, characterized by unique features that affect cost and time efficiency of construction projects. Although not the newest addition to the company's lineup, the ML-119 remains a key choice for many investments thanks to its innovation and functionality.

Key Advantages of the ML-119 System

ML-119 system stands out from other lamella solutions primarily due to the maximum spacing of up to 2000 mm, which allows for a significant reduction in the cost of the entire investment. Not only this approach reduces the amount of material needed, but also translates into faster and less time-consuming assembly.

Assembly efficiency

By using fewer clips and reducing the number of substructure columns, ML-119 system significantly reduces the costs of substructure construction. Moreover, the limited number of roof penetrations minimizes the risk of leaks, which is important for the durability and durability of the structure.

Construction and Finishing

Like other systems from the Morad series, ML-119 is characterized by Z-shaped slats. This classic, yet modern shape of the slats is not only improves the aesthetics of the facade, but also ensures adequate air permeability and protection from the sun, combining together functionality with design.

Advantages of the Morad ML-119 System

System selection ML-119 it's a decision for optimizing your investment while maintaining it high aesthetic and functional standards. This system works perfectly will work well in a variety of architectural projects, od modern commercial buildings to elegant facades of residential buildings.


Although Morad ML-119 is not the newest addition to the MORAD portfolio, its design and technical features still make it an attractive choice for designers and contractors. By offering unique solutions in the field of cost optimization and assembly efficiency, ML-119 system is proof that well-designed lamella systems can significantly impact the success and profitability of construction projects.



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