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Aluminum facades: perfection according to MORAD

Aluminum facades are commonly used structures in construction. They are often used because of their advantages, such as durability, ease of installation and functionality. Aluminum facades proposed by MORAD not only protect buildings against the negative effects of weather conditions, but also allow the use of various architectural solutions. It's worth learning more about them. Protection, insulation, aesthetics and economy Facades […]

Aluminum balcony railings – durability and elegance in architecture

A balcony is not only additional space. It is also an important architectural element that adds character and influences aesthetics. Therefore, among many decisions related to the construction of a building, choosing the right balcony railing is an important task. Balcony railings are architectural elements whose task is to ensure safety. They can be made of various materials such as wood, steel or aluminum. […]

Ultra-modern powder coating plant in MORAD

The ultra-modern powder coating shop, confirmed by the QUALICOAT license, is a guarantee of the quality of every detail of the aluminum and steel MORAD systems. The paint shop gives us complete production independence! What does this mean for our clients? Powder coating, despite the automated line and spray booths, is a process that requires appropriate control, especially at the chemical preparation stage. This inspection is carried out by our qualified employees who carry out [...]

Warm aluminum folding doors: external and internal

Versatility, functionality, aesthetics, energy efficiency thanks to significant thermal insulation - these are the features that make internal and external aluminum folding doors an increasingly popular solution in commercial and residential construction. We gain more space, quick changes in the layout of the space and a lot of natural light both when the doors are closed - thanks to the glazing and when the doors are open. If we build shop windows, terraces, [...]

Modernity and timelessness – all-glass balustrades

The main task of balustrades is to ensure safety. However, in modern construction, aesthetic value is also of great importance. It is because of not only safety, but also appearance, that all-glass balustrades are becoming more and more popular. All-glass balustrades are gaining popularity for good reason. This is because they work well in classic, minimalist, modernist and even […]

Aluminum fire doors – protection and safety

The task of fire protection is to protect property, people, animals and the natural environment from the effects of fire. The very concept of fire protection includes legal provisions under which buildings must have appropriate elements and equipment. What is fire protection? Important goals of fire protection (fire protection) are, firstly, minimizing the risk of fire, and secondly, […]

Fire-resistant aluminum joinery. in class EI 30 and EI 60

Fire-resistant aluminum joinery. allows you to provide additional protection by separating fire zones in the building required by law. This type of protection limits the spread of fire, effectively extends evacuation time and protects users against carbon monoxide poisoning. With the Morad AC-84EI system, you can build internal and external doors and fireproof walls, as well as service windows and smoke-proof doors. Let's take a closer look at modern solutions [...]

Aluminum fire-resistant doors on the Morad AC-84EI system

Aluminum fire-resistant doors is the basis of aluminum fire-resistant joinery, supporting fire safety. in modern residential and commercial buildings and office buildings. Light and durable aluminum structures ensure resistance to high temperatures, slow down the spread of fire and gases and, importantly, facilitate the evacuation of people from the building. Get to know Morad's modular solutions with which you can build any configuration of fire doors and walls, […]

Aluminum post balustrades AB-G and AB-R

It is no wonder that aluminum is becoming more and more popular and its use in the production of balustrades is still growing. Why? Because it is a material with excellent anti-corrosion properties and additionally protected by powder coating, it is durable for many years. External balustrades require a special approach, therefore those exposed to weather conditions must be [...]

Aluminum balustrades for self-assembly

Quick installation without welding, versatility of application, durability and timeless elegance of aluminum - this is what distinguishes MORAD AB-OPTIMAL self-assembly aluminum balustrades. Check out the patented system of our own production, which, thanks to the compatibility of aluminum structural elements, allows you to create different variants of protective systems based on the same components. This significantly streamlines work, gives designers greater freedom of arrangement, [...]