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Fittings for shower cabins

Information for the manufacturer:

Morad's product range includes a wide range installation accessories for shower cabins. They occupy a special place in our offer aluminum fittings for shower cabins. Aluminum is characterized by durability and timeless appearance, which is why it is popular among users and interior designers. Morad's offer also includes: fittings for shower cabins made of materials such as brass and brass.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and catalog of fittings for shower cabins. In the online catalog you will find detailed specifications of the products and their dedicated applications. We also encourage you to check out our glass door fittings products.

Fittings for shower cabins – high quality and modern design

The Morad range includes aesthetic and durable products fittings for shower cabins, made, among others, made of aluminum, stainless steel and brass. We only offer installation accessories for cabins of the highest quality. These materials are durable, providing strong attachment to the entire glass structure. Morad fittings for shower cabins, doors and walls guarantee stability and long use.

Bathroom accessories should be not only solid, but also modern. Aluminum fittings for shower cabins will appeal to people who pay attention not only to the quality but also to the aesthetics of the product. The fittings in our catalog are available in various shades - from polished or matte chrome to satin. Their modern and timeless design will be a perfect complement to your bathroom arrangement. Tempered glass fittings made of aluminum or stainless steel will be a durable and elegant finish to any interior.