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MORAD aluminum system balustrades have the National Technical Assessment (KOT) issued by the Building Research Institute.

Who is our offer addressed to?


  • Do Architects and Designers, to whom we provide ready-made materials and solutions in editable versions such as AutoCAD and BIM;
  • Do Developers and Individual Investors, which, in addition to consulting, also provide access to qualified assembly groups located throughout Poland;
  • Do Contractors offering them complete system solutions, technical support and training materials.

We produce all profiles and accessories in Poland, which is very important nowadays, guaranteeing continuity of deliveries and quick completion time. All profiles and accessories in a raw state (unpainted) are available immediately in our central warehouse in Tuchom in the province. Pomeranian. We paint balustrades in-house powder coating shop, and once a week our fleet of delivery vehicles travels throughout Poland, so we can quickly deliver deliver the material anywhere in the country.

Aluminum balcony balustrades: glass, post and self-supporting.

We are a manufacturer and we offer balcony, terrace, stair railings and French balconies (portfenettes) based on our proprietary aluminum systems.

Modern glass balustrades made as all-glass - ideally suited to new construction, which is characterized by large glazing not only of the joinery, but also of terraces, French balustrades and stairs.

Balustrade to the balcony with filling in the form of vertical balusters ensures maximum safety of use, especially for children who like to climb steel and stainless steel balustrades filled with horizontal ropes or rods.

Depending on the type of filling selected, the balustrade can be solid, openwork or baluster.

As standard, we deliver all balustrades powder coated in any color from the RAL palette, and also wood-like, so you can match the color of your barrier to the finish of your joinery, facade, roof, etc.

We have a choice several types of handrails, which can be attached on balustrade posts, on the wall, on stairs or directly on the glass.

All systems have been designed to met the criteria for self-assembly balustrades. All items are shipped now powder coated with a set of accessories and connectors necessary to make your balustrade.

To complete installation of the barrier All you need are basic tools, and none of the elements requires welding. The technical catalog with assembly instructions available for download will enable you to easily and self-installation of balustrades like stacking Lego blocks or assembling furniture from Castorama.

Rising labor costs and higher quality demands from customers make... balustrades made of aluminum are becoming more and more popular both among developers and individual customers who, in addition to modern look of the barrier they expect too maintaining aesthetics and warranty for many years.

Get to know the MORAD aluminum glass, post and self-supporting balustrade systems.