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Modern development / Aesthetic facade / System of walls and lamella roofs


Technical Specifications:

slat spacing: 99 mm
Visual cross-section: 28%
Active area: 52%
Max. spacing of handles for vertical installation: 1400 mm for 600 Pa
1500 mm for 500 Pa
Max. spacing of handles for horizontal installation: 1200 mm for 600 Pa
Standard bar length 6m

The spacing and angle of inclination ensure good parameters related to reduced air flow
light throughput and the possibility of using support structures with longer spacing.

Construction and finishing

– The shape of the slats is semi-elliptical

Available colours
  • Full RAL palette
  • Raw version
  • Anode

Information for the manufacturer:

Drawings for the architect:

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A system of lamella walls and roofs ELIPTIC MS-97 is an innovative solution in the Morad product range, dedicated to effective sun protection. Using extruded aluminum profiles, this system not only provides protection against excessive sunlight, but also stands out for its unique design, offering a semi-elliptical lamella shape that adds modernity and elegance to building facades.

Advanced Construction and Finishing

A key element of the system ELIPTIC MS-97 is its unique structure, where semi-elliptical-shaped slats provide optimal shade and reduced light transmission, while maintaining the aesthetics and lightness of the structure. This specific form of slats not only protects the interior from excessive sunlight, but also ensures good air flow parameters, which contributes to maintaining thermal comfort inside the building.

Key Advantages

System ELIPTIC MS-97 combines several key advantages, such as reduced light transmission, which ensures effective sun protection, and the possibility of using supporting structures with a longer spacing, which translates into savings in assembly and material costs. The angle of the slats can be adjusted to optimize sun protection and air flow according to individual project requirements.


Lamella wall system  ELIPTIC MS-97 is a perfect solution for those who are looking for effective sun protection combined with modern design. Thanks to its advanced technical specifications and unique aesthetics, this system is the perfect choice for architectural projects that require both functionality and a unique appearance. By choosing ELIPTIC MS-97, you invest in durability, efficiency and aesthetics.

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