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Construction and finishing
  • A system of elliptical ME and rectangular MR lamellas
  • The slats are mounted with caps,
    aluminum or ball-bearing handles
    axles for supporting structures:
    aluminum or steel.
  • Elliptical slats can be mounted
    vertically or horizontally on the joinery
    aluminum, steel and wood.
  • Standard bar length 6m
Available colours
  • Full RAL palette
  • Raw version
  • Anode
Technical informations:

Mounting brackets for ME and MR systems:

Information for the manufacturer:

Drawings for the architect:

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Elliptical slat systems ME and rectangular MR are advanced solutions in the field of façade blinds that combine the aesthetics of modern design with practical functions sun protection. Made from extruded aluminum profiles, these blind systems can be fixed or automatically adjusted, offering effective control over the amount of light entering the interior, helping to reduce heat and improve the comfort of buildings.

Construction and Finishing

ME and MR systems they are characterized by the possibility of installing slats in various configurations - elliptical and rectangular, which allows for a perfect adjustment to the aesthetics and functional requirements of each project. The slats can be mounted vertically or horizontally, using caps, aluminum handles or bearing axles, which ensures stability and durability of the structure. The system allows installation on supporting structures made of aluminum, steel and wood, which offers a wide range of applications.

Functionality and Regulation

ME and MR systems they offer various sizes of slats and the ability to adjust the tilt angles, which allows precise control of the amount of light available in the rooms. The blinds can be smoothly controlled manually or automated using a controller, with the option of retrofitting with a twilight switch. This functionality allows for adaptation to changing external conditions, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Fastening System and Adjustment

Movable mounting systems are installed on steel sections and consist of elliptical lamellas that can be rotated to change the angle of inclination. Adjustment is made using a hand lever or an electric spindle actuator, which allows for easy adaptation to the user's needs.


ME and MR facade blind systems are a modern solution that not only provides protection against excessive sunlight, but is also important architectural element of the building, I versatility, adjustability and a wide selection of materials and supporting structures make them an ideal choice for projects where both aesthetics and functionality are important. Thanks to the use of modern control technologies, these systems offer convenience of use and the ability to adapt to individual needs, ensuring effective sun protection and improving thermal comfort inside buildings.

Elliptic ME-Electric option

A system of aluminum slats with an adjustable angle of inclination for outdoor use. The system is equipped with control of the amount of light entering the rooms, regulated manually using controllers or fully automated, operating based on a collected series of weather conditions. In both cases, the control actuators are electric actuators. An active system for regulating the amount of light supplied to rooms allows you to save energy used by air conditioning while maintaining optimal lighting.

Deviation Angle: 0-89 degrees (smooth adjustment). Available slat widths: 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300mm. Possibility of installing several independently controlled slat fields on one wall.

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