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Point Fittings System


Information for the manufacturer:

Point fittings are widely used for mounting tempered glass elements in various types of rooms. Made of stainless steel and aluminum, they guarantee solidity and durability, as well as high resistance to harmful external factors. The minimalist design will easily allow you to use them in both elegant, classic and modern interiors. The Morad point fitting system can be used to attach tempered glass elements in places such as shopping malls, medical clinics, offices, offices and banks.. We also recommend checking other fittings systems, for example for glass doors or for a shower cabin.

Use of a point fitting system

The point fitting system for tempered glass is one of the most popular systems designed for mounting glass. Thanks to its wide use, this system has gained great recognition and trust among many industries, and has also gained sympathy among private individuals who have used this solution in their own homes. Point fittings will be an ideal solution for mounting partition walls in offices, banks and offices. Their aesthetic and unobtrusive appearance will perfectly fit into uniform, professional business rooms, attracting attention with their stability and reliable workmanship..

Point fittings are also recommended for mounting name and information boards made of tempered glass, which are often found in offices and public administration buildings.. Thanks to them, you will be able to obtain a visually interesting solution that will be both strong and aesthetic. We will achieve a similar effect if we decide to use a point fitting system for mounting glass elements in private homes.. They can be used to attach glass doors, mobile walls and tempered glass furniture parts, such as wardrobe and cabinet doors. The use of point fittings in the house will make the character of the room more original. We also invite you to check out the other offers tempered glass fittings.