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Glass door fittings

  • post dimensions: 20 x 56 mm,
  • handrail dimensions: 20 x 60 mm,
  • baluster dimensions: 15 x 45 mm or 20 x 20 mm.

Information for the manufacturer:

We offer high quality aluminum fittings for glass doors and other glass elements. Morad aluminum fittings are high-quality products that are easy to install. Aluminum is an aesthetic and durable material. It is characterized by durability similar to that of steel. Thanks to this, aluminum fittings for doors and glass elements provide strong mounting and stability to the structure. Aluminum fittings they are not susceptible to deformation and are characterized by high resistance to mechanical factors. Aluminum fittings are an elegant finish for walls, doors, cabins and display cases. Fittings made of this material have a timeless look and match any interior design.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer fittings for glass doors and walls.In the online catalog you will find a recommended selection of aluminum fastening elements for the dimensions and nature of the glass structure. We also offer fittings for shower cabins


Aluminum glazing strips and other necessary accessories for the installation of internal partition walls made of tempered glass, available with a matt stainless steel or silver anodized finish.

A wide selection of aluminum and steel fasteners

Morad's offer includes a wide selection tempered glass fittings. The fastening elements for glass doors and walls are made of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel. This ensures the durability of the structure and its long life. Glass fittings Depending on your preferences, they are available in matte and polished versions. Our assortment includes, among others: plates with hinge pins, hinges, clasps connecting individual panels of door profiles, angle connectors, corner locks (with patent inserts), lock handles, counter-lock boxes, patent inserts, floor door closers, door handles. We also offer aluminum rails for tempered glass partitions with fasteners (gaskets, strips, caps). A wide range of Morad door and wall fittings systems allows you to choose the right accessories for all types of glass structures.