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Eliptic MS-97 Canopy System

Sun visors and blinds they protect the building against various weather factors, such as sun, wind, rain and snow. Solar lamella facades are louvered wall systems, which are mounted from the inside or outside. Their function is not only sun protection, but also acoustic and decorative. Lamella facades they silence the building from noise and add aesthetic value to it.

Our offer includes high-quality lamella wall and sun blind systems. Embossed aluminum blind profiles effectively reduce light and effectively improve the appearance of buildings. The Morad assortment includes Solis, Sonar and Elliptic lamella wall systems in various models. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer and specifications of sun protection systems.

Lamella facades – models of blinds and sun protection

Morad's offer is adapted to various buildings and their needs. A wide range of models of lamella walls and sun protection allows you to choose the right system for installation.The Solis system is a construction of aluminum walls that create a shield from the inside or outside of the building. Sonar systems are an innovative solution in the construction of lamella facades. Thanks to the mineral wool filling, the system is characterized by high acoustic properties. Sonar structures are often installed around air conditioning systems - they effectively suppress the noise made by machines. Eliptic facades are an innovative sun protection system that prevents the building from overheating. Shades and blinds perfectly reduce the sunlight entering the room, giving a feeling of comfort. Blinds can be fixed or movable (freely adjustable).

Morad lamella facades are available in various colors. Sun protection covers and blinds can be additionally covered with an anodized coating, which has anti-corrosion and insulating properties. The coating is also used to obtain additional aesthetic values. Lamella facades are also available in a raw version.