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It is possible to use tempered glass with a thickness of 6 mm or 8 mm in window sashes. In the lower part of the balcony structure, laminated glass 44.2 is used.

Surface Finish:

Profile surfaces should be protected against corrosion by anodizing (possibly in special colors) or coated with polyester powder varnishes in RAL and metalized colors. Other coatings are also available: wood-like and decorative. Profiles are painted or anodized in accordance with the requirements of the QUALICOAT and QUALIANOD Association of Aluminum Surface Treatment Contractors.

Information for the manufacturer:

The BE-53 system is a modern, frameless aluminum system designed for external balcony structures.

A characteristic feature of the system is the ability to move the leaves in both directions and open them along the entire length of the building. The BE-53 system prevents the building from cooling down and provides protection against noise, ensuring comfort for people staying on the balcony. The structure is equipped with a bolt that locks the first panel, which allows the panels to be opened only from the inside, providing additional protection against theft. The construction allows you to clean the windows without having to lean outside the balcony.


The BE-53 system profiles are made of aluminum, while the accessories are made of plastic and stainless steel. The glass panes are suspended via an intermediate profile and rollers to a supporting profile attached to the ceiling. The lower edge of the glass is guided on a running system in a profile attached to the balustrade handrail. It is dedicated to building spaces that do not require heating. The structures are ideal for the construction of entire facilities and individual rooms.

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