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Ventilation grates


MK.59.HF ventilation grates system This is a system of ventilation grates based on ML.59.HF slats, used in air intakes, air exhaust vents, chimneys, air conditioning units, openwork partitions and as fillings for windows or technical doors. The grille was created to meet the growing requirements of ventilation systems that impose stringent air flow parameters, such as an active surface of 77% and very low air flow resistance. The high parameters of the MORAD MK-59 HF system have been confirmed by an independent research unit.


At the customer's request, the grates are available without a stainless steel mesh against insects. The grille can be installed by screwing it directly through the frame or using mounting anchors. Grilles are available in colors from the RAL palette or raw.

  • The physical cross-section for the internal surface of the grating is 77%, and the visual cross-section is as much as 91%.
  • The grating structure consists of extrudable aluminum profiles connected to a frame, inside which horizontal aluminum strips are placed at regular intervals of 59 mm.
  • We can make grilles in sizes from 300 x 300 mm up to 5 m2 (even up to 5 m2 without substructure). Larger ones require additional support structure.
  • We have the characteristics of the air pressure drop as a function of the inlet speed, which allows precise selection of the grille in the ventilation industry.