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Technical Specifications:

slat spacing: 52 mm
Visual cross-section: 69%
Active area: 51%
Max. substructure spacing: 
1200mm for 600Pa
Barbell length: 6m

These technical parameters prove the high quality of the ML-52E system, offering both aesthetics and unrivaled functionality in sun protection and ensuring adequate air circulation.

Construction and finishing

– Z-shaped slats

Available colours
  • Full RAL palette
  • Raw version
  • Anode

Information for the manufacturer:

Drawings for the architect:

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The Morad ML-52E system is an advanced development well-known and appreciated system ML-52, which introduces new standards in architectural design. Modernized based on the suggestions of architects and contractors, the ML-52E is distinguished primarily by increased functionality and adaptability to modern construction requirements.

Innovative Changes and Functionality

The main innovation in the system ML-52E is the modified width of the slat cross-section. The depth of the blinds has been reduced to 35 mm, which allows for perfect alignment with standard profiles with a cross-section of 40 mm. Thanks to this change, the system offers greater aesthetics and visual consistency with the façade, while maintaining all protective and decorative functions.

Additionally, the introduction of a reinforced fastening between the lamella and the handle allows the system to be installed in a 180° inverted position (in the horizontal axis), which opens up new design possibilities while maintaining a maximum substructure spacing of up to 1000 mm.

Construction and Finishing

The system retains the Z-shaped slats characteristic of the ML series, which guarantee significant air permeability. New construction and finishing solutions allow for even better integration of the system with the architecture of buildings, emphasizing their modern character.


The Morad ML-52E system is a well-thought-out response to modern challenges in construction and architecture. Thanks to its unique features, such as reduced blind depth and the possibility of inverted installation, this system is an ideal solution for projects looking for innovative, yet functional and aesthetic facade systems. Morad ML-52E is proof that you can combine modern technologies with classic elegance, creating solutions that will meet the requirements of even the most demanding projects.

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