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Technical Specifications:

slat spacing: 59 mm
Visual cross-section: 91%
Active area: 77%
Max. substructure spacing: 
800mm for 600Pa
Barbell length: 6m

Construction and finishing

– Z-shaped slats

Available colours
  • Full RAL palette
  • Raw version
  • Anode

Information for the manufacturer:

Drawings for the architect:

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Morad ML-59HF system represents the pinnacle of achievement in the field of air flow optimization in lamella wall systems, offered by the renowned Morad company. This unique system is distinguished by the best performance parameters air flow at 77%, which is a record result in the company's offer. Thanks to its unique geometry, ML-59HF provides a large active surface with minimal pressure drops, even with high air flows.

Advanced Technology and Optimization

Characteristics of pressure drops ML-59HF system was precisely determined by the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IMP PAN) using the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) method. This advanced analysis allowed us to optimize the shape of the lamellas, which translates into: exceptional efficiency in regulating air flow and thermal comfort in buildings.

Construction and Finishing

ML-59HF system maintains the Z-shaped slats, proven and appreciated by designers. This design not only gives a modern character to facades, but is also crucial for achieving impressive air flow parameters. The slats are designed to maximize aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of the slat structure.

Key Advantages of the Morad ML-59HF System

  • Best airflow on offer at 77%: Optimizes air circulation, ensuring comfortable conditions inside buildings.
  • Large active surface with low pressure drops: Enables effective ventilation and minimization of air resistance, which is crucial for ventilation systems.
  • High aerodynamic efficiency: Thanks to the use of the CFD method in design, the system ensures optimal air flow conditions.


Lamella wall system Morad ML-59HF is an innovative solution that responds to the highest design requirements regarding ventilation efficiency and thermal comfort. Its unique geometry and advanced aerodynamic research make it an irreplaceable choice for modern architectural projects that require not only aesthetics, but above all, high functionality. Morad ML-59HF is proof that advanced engineering and design can go hand in hand, providing solutions that exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers.


Characteristics of pressure drops

Table of pressure drops for various air flow parameters through the grille used as an air intake.

Velocity field distribution for velocity
inlet v=3m/s

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