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All-Glass aluminium railings using the Morad AB-S system

Morad AB-S Railings System

For self-assembly

The all-glass railing, also known as self-supporting or postless railing, has recently become particularly popular primarily because of its modern and minimalist look. Safe (tampered and laminated) glass is both the filling and the supporting structure. The glass pane can be attached in two ways:

  • - using the mountings at the bottom of the glass, or
  • - using a linear rail in which the glass pane is attached with special wedges.

The AB-S all-glass railings system have the National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2020/1663 1st edition.

The Morad AB-S system is a comprehensive solution for installing glass in the lower rail. Both the rail and other system profiles of covers and handrails are made of aluminium, which is additionally secured by powder coating in any colour of the RAL palette. The thinnest type of glass we use in our projects is VSG/ESG 88.4, meaning two 8 mm thick tempered glass panes connected with 4 PVB or EVA foils. Although glass that is 10 to 25 mm thick can be installed as part of the system, for safety reasons we recommend the use of VSG/ESG 88.4 glass (17.5 mm thick). We performed strength tests on such glass at the Building Research Institute and received a positive recommendation for placing the product on the market. All connectors, screws, plugs, etc. are made of stainless steel or aluminium. In this way, we can be sure that even after many years of use, no corrosion will appear on the railing, which will maintain its original appearance.

A complete system, glass and materials for anchoring the rail are required to assemble the railing. We offer all these items, with or without the assembly service. There are several types of rails and handrails to choose from.

If you are interested in buying the material itself or a complete service with assembly, send an inquiry to balustrady@morad.pl with information about the type of railing and preferably with attached building/balcony design. In response, you will receive a quotation along with a complete material list of all profiles, connectors, plugs, screws and other accessories needed to make your railing.

What is important, in the case of this type of railing, the system itself is often not enough to mount the railing, and sometimes the rail must be moved away or raised in relation to the supporting structure to which it is to be attached. Then it becomes necessary to use a special substructure, which we design individually. We have already completed a lot of such projects in Poland and Scandinavia. We have an experienced team of engineers who can suggest and develop any solution for you using our systems. Photos of our projects can be seen in the REALIZATIONS tab.

By default, we deliver profiles that are 6 m long and powder coated in any colour of the RAL palette. We can deliver the system together with glass, an individual substructure for attaching the rail, as well as an aluminium blend for masking the substructure and any anchoring materials.

We manufacture all profiles and accessories in Poland, which is now of great importance, as we can guarantee the continuity of deliveries and short lead times. All profiles and accessories in the raw state (not coated) are available immediately in our warehouse in Tuchom, Pomeranian Voivodeship. Once a week, our fleet of vans and trucks rides all over Poland, so we are able to deliver material to any location in the country.

Note! The Morad railings of the AB-S series have been tested and have the National Technical Assessment (KOT) issued by the Polish Building Research Institute (ITB-KOT-2020/1663 1st edition).
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