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Fittings for Glass

Fittings for Tempered Glass

We are a manufacturer of aluminium and steel systems as well as glass structures used in the construction industry. We design and produce high-quality fittings for tempered glass. Our glass structures are durable, safe and easy to install. They are characterised by an aesthetic appearance and precise workmanship.

Our range of fittings for tempered glass includes:

The fastening elements for tempered glass are made of aluminium and stainless steel. The fittings are characterised by their aesthetic appearance and durability. Excellent workmanship and high-quality materials make them resistant to deformation and damage. In combination with tempered glass, they form an elegant building structure. Glass enclosures and simple-form fasteners are timeless. They can add charm to any room. Structures made of tempered glass can also be installed outside buildings.

We encourage you to check our range and detailed product catalogues.

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