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Aluminium Post Railings AB Systems

Using Morad AB-G (glass)
and AB-R (balusters) systems

For self-assembly

Aluminium is a material with very good anti-corrosion properties, additionally protected by powder coating, providing durable protection that maintains a good appearance for many years. Thanks to the properties above, this material is becoming increasingly used for the production of railings, especially those exposed to weather conditions. An additional advantage of this type of railings is a modern design as well as easy installation and servicing, which is basically narrowed down to using mild cleaning agents.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the production of aluminium profiles, initially mainly for the purposes of window and door joinery. In 2013, we introduced our own aluminium railing systems, which are constantly developed, and our range has been expanding in this regard.

We offer complete railing system solutions that we distribute in Poland and abroad. Photos of implementations on our systems, including in Poland and Scandinavian countries, can be viewed in the REALIZATIONS tab.

If you are interested in buying the material itself or a complete service with assembly, send an inquiry to balustrady@morad.pl with information about the type of railing and preferably with attached building/balcony design. In response, you will receive a quotation along with a complete material list of all profiles, connectors, plugs, screws and other accessories needed to make your railing, and contact details to an authorized partner for possible assembly.

All our post railing systems can be broken down into 2 basic types, which we named as follows:

  • AB-G – railings with full filling: such as glass, perforated sheet, HPL panel or other. Glass can be attached to the post on the inside or outside of the balcony as well as between the posts. This system works perfectly as a railing for the balcony, terrace, loggia, mezzanine or stairs.
  • AB-R – railings with vertical filling with aluminium balusters, available in several different cross-sections. Balusters can also be installed on both sides of the post or under the handrail. This system is an excellent alternative to traditional steel railings, which feature visible unsightly welding joints and their varnish coating has to be renewed every few years due to the corrosive properties of this material.

Several types of handrails and rails for attaching the filling are available for each version. Since 2020, we have also had 2 types of posts to choose from. Most of the profiles and accessories are designed to be compatible with each other, so you it is possible to create many different variants

By default, we deliver profiles that are 6 m long and powder coated in any colour of the RAL palette. We only use safe glass, which we can also deliver together with the railing material. All our connectors, bolts, plugs, etc. are made of stainless steel or aluminium so as to prevent the formation of corrosion.

When designing the system, we were mainly focused on the safety of use as well as aesthetics and easy assembly. All you actually need to assemble the railing is a saw for cutting profiles and a drill for drilling and screwing individual elements. There is no need to weld anything, and we deliver all elements already coated in the requested colour. In the case of a railing with vertical filling, the rail to which the balusters are screwed is delivered drilled for the proper spacing of rungs.

We manufacture all profiles and accessories in Poland, which is now of great importance and guarantees the continuity of deliveries and short lead times. All profiles and accessories in the raw state (not coated) are available immediately in our warehouse in Tuchom, Pomeranian Voivodeship. Once a week, our fleet of vans and trucks rides all over Poland, so we are able to deliver material to any location in the country.

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